Tuesday, April 19, 1977

Arnaiz re-arrested after detention (April 19, 1977)

Players of Crispa and Toyota were released after spending a night in detention, but Francis Arnaiz was re-arrested by cops after an incident involving him and Rudy Hines in a Toyota-U-Tex game at the Araneta Coliseum.

Another PBA row: Toyota cager arrested

By Al Mendoza
Bulletin Today
Published Wednesday April 20, 1977

Toyota beat Universal Textiles, 121-115, in the PBA first conference at the Araneta Coliseum. But the real story happened after the game.

Toyota's Francis Arnaiz, fresh from a one-night stint as a detainee at the PC stockade in Fort Bonifacio, was picked up after the game on orders of Brig. Gen. Prospero Olivas, Metrocom commander, for figuring in a commotion with Wrangler Rudolf Hines during the match.

Arnaiz, who keyed Toyota's first win in two games by scoring four of the last eight points of Toyota, including the go-ahead charities with a minute to go, was booked anew for violating conditions for his temporary release.

Capt. Reynaldo Verroya of the MISG (military intelligence service group) executed the subpoena for the arrest of Arnaiz.

The subpeona read: “Violation of conditions for temporary release.” It was signed by Gen. Olivas and was addressed to Arnaiz.

Arnaiz was charged with kicking Hines when both were down on their pants, following a scramble for possession of the ball near the Toyota camp.

Hines was also invited for questioning by the Metrocom and together with Arnaiz, were hauled off to Camp Crame by Capt. Veroya after the game.

Arnaiz fell over Hines with 45 seconds to go in the second quarter. The Toyota sentinel, in an apparent burst of temper, kicked Hines, who, however, did not retaliate.

Hines lay for some minutes crumpled on the floor. When he got up and headed for the U-Tex bench, Major Leonardo San Diego of the Quezon City police tried to arrest Arnaiz, who was then inside the court.

PBA officials immediately approached Maj. San Diego and pleaded not to arrest Arnaiz. There was tension from there and policemen ringed the hardcourt.

But Maj. San Diego was hell bent on arresting Arnaiz on the spot. PBA Commissioner Leo Prieto and games and amusements board Chairman Luis Tabuena then requested Gen. Olivas over the phone to stop Maj. San Diego from arresting Arnaiz.

Gen. Olivas gave in to the request but Maj. San Diego would not budge and immediately ordered all policemen; some 32 of them, out of the coliseum.

“If that's the case, we're pulling out!” Maj. San Diego was heard as saying. Then he shouted: “All policemen out!”

The game was resumed but early in the fourth quarter, Maj. San Diego was back, together with Capt. Verroya.

Maj. San Diego said later that he ordered all policemen out “so that when a serious thing happened anew, we will not be blamed.”

Hines later said that he was kicked by Arnaiz in the midsection and that for a while “I could not breathe.” He added that he refused requests from the Toyota camp to say it was accidental.

U-Tex manager Tommy Manotoc, when contacted, said Hines will not file a complaint against Arnaiz.

Arnaiz thus became the first of the 23 cagers ordered released yesterday by General Olivas to be re-arrested. It was not known immediately how long Arnaiz will be detained this time.

Arnaiz and 22 others, including all 13 Crispa players arrested and detained Monday night, were ordered released temporarily yesterday by General Olivas.

All of them were to be picked up anytime by the Metrocom troopers. One condition for their release is that each one has to report to Col. Tomas B. Karingal, Northern District Police superintendent, once a week.

The arrest and detention of the 23 Toyota and Crispa players were the offshoot of a post-game rumble following Crispa's close 122-121 victory over Toyota in Sunday's inaugural games of the PBA first conference.

In last night's first game, Mariwasa defeated Tanduay, 115-105, behind the guns of former national players Adriano Papa, Jr. and Jessie Sullano, who each fired 23 points.

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