Friday, August 15, 1975

Toyota Pennant: Something new, old, borrowed and permanent?

The Sports Weekly Magazine with a look back at Toyota's title victory over Crispa in the 1975 First Conference.


Sports Weekly Magazine
Published August 15-22, 1975

The year was 1973 when Dante Silverio sat on his leathery chair fronting a miniature basketball court nestled on his table; his contemplative face suddenly lit up with eagerness upon hearing what was said lightly.

"You can do it," was the repeated phrase.

Dante nodded and eyed back the player-bedecked miniature basketball court, the same area which he thought someday could give him a better share of the spotlight.

There and then, Dante was not just the owner, manager but also the basketball mind of the Toyota Comets.

Saturday, August 2, 1975

Column: The Comet Express

Bulletin Today sports editor Lito Fernandez reflected on Toyota' one-sided victory over Crispa in a column that was published two days after the title-clinching Game 4 of the 1975 PBA First Conference finals.

The Comet Express

By Lito Fernandez
Bulletin Today
Published Saturday August 2, 1975

Unbelievable is the word for Toyota's rout of Crispa-Floro in the decisive fourth game of their best-of-five series for the PBA first conference title Thursday night at the Araneta Coliseum. The Comets, who had led by as much as 28 points near the end of the one-sided contest, were up by 21 at the final buzzer.

It was the first time since Crispa rose to power in the late sixties that the Redmanizers lost by such a big margin in a championship game. It also marked the first time that Baby Dalupan's charges lost three in a row to the same team.

Dante Silverio's boys were favored to win, it's true but not by such a margin. After three very close games, who would expect Toyota to run away with the fourth game?