Sunday, January 11, 1976

Crispa-Floro, Team of the Year (Jan. 11, 1976)

The Philippine Panorama took a closer look at the Crispa Redmanizers after beating the Toyota Comets in the 1975 PBA All-Philippine Championship. The Sunday weekly magazine of Bulletin Today even mentioned the Redmanizers as the Team of the Year for capturing the most important title of the PBA’s inaugural season.

We’re No. 1

By Chelo Banal
Philippine Panorama
Published Sunday January 11, 1976

THERE’S jubilation now in the Crispa quarters as there should be when a team feels vindicated. Twice the Crispa boys were close to it but didn’t make it. Finally the pieces fit, the poem rhymed and they took the PBA All-Philippine championship title.

Never mind the bruises - they’ll heal in time - and the fines - it’s only money - and Philip Cezar’s suspension - he’ll only miss half the ‘76-PBA’s first conference. For the moment the Redmanizers are ready to paint the town red.

Don Pablo Floro is holding small brown envelopes containing cash bonus for each player. As the Redmanizers break into wide smiles for their souvenir team photos, he says, “Ang sinasabi ko lang sa inyo ay maging loyal kayo sa team.” He takes a puff at his cigar and then distributes the envelopes while the boys cheer wildly.