Sunday, April 15, 1973

Panamin: Crispa 103, Komatsu 89 (April 15, 1973)

The first-ever game between the PBA’s biggest rivals came during the 1973 Panamin basketball tournament, a series held to raise funds for cultural minorities. Crispa won the first match, 103-89, over Komatsu, the brand Delta Motors Corporation carried for the first major competition it participated. Yco emerged as champion of the six-team tourney.

Mariwasa, YCO, Crispa win 3rd

Bulletin Today
Published Monday April 16, 1973

Defending champion Mariwasa-Akai eliminated Concepcion Industries, 91-78, to clear the way for a three-way tie for the lead in the one-round six-team Panamin basketball tournament at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.

Yco turned the tables on San Miguel Corporation, 91-86, and Crispa-Floro whacked winless Komatsu Industries, 103-89, to share the lead with Mariwasa each with a 3-1 win-loss slate.

The Painters quickly overhauled a 53-48 halftime deficit with six straight baskets that gave them the lead for good at 60-53 after only four minutes of play in the second half.

They gain forged ahead by as much as nine points when the Braves closed in at 67-70 and 69-72 before Freddie Webb, who was fielded in only in the last quarter, joined hands with Sonny Reyes, Ricardo Cleofas and Marte Samson in a heated exchange of baskets with the brewers in the closing stretch.

Crispa had also to work from 45-40 down in the first half before finally breaking a fierce contest with a valiant Komatsu five midway in the final minutes.

The race for supremacy in the annual benefit series for the country’s cultural minorities ends tomorrow with Yco enjoying the advantage of having only to beat Crispa to win the crown.

If the Redmanizers beat the Painters, they must hope for a San Miguel victory over Mariwasa in the last game to annex the title. Otherwise, Mariwasa keeps the crown.

Tournament rules resolve a two-day tie in favor of the team that beats the other. Yco nosed out Mariwasa, 105-103, last Wednesday after the Akais brought down the Mixers, 105-93, in the opening games last Tuesday.

Ricardo Pineda banged in 20 points, the first 14 of which sparked the Akais to a 52-39 advantage at intermission, as the All-Filipino MICAA champions dealt the Motorolas their second defeat in four games.

Twice did the Recorders pull away by as much as 13 points in each time that the Motorolas struck to within eight, the last at 78-70 before they again broke away on 7-2 attack by Ramon Lucindo, Mariano Figuracion and Joaquin Rojas , Jr. that gave Mariwasa an 85-72 bubble going into the last three minutes.

Meanwhile, the Basketball Association of the Philippines announced that the eight-team national invitational basketball series will start on April 22 with two foreign teams competing.

Medium Bank of Korea led by deadshot Shin Dong-pa and Yuo Loong Motors of Taipei will join six other local teams which include Clark Air Force Base.

The rest of the cast are defending champion Concepcion Industries, All-Filipino MICAA champion Mariwasa-Akai, national seniors titlist San Miguel, Yco and Crispa.

The individual scores:

Crispa 103
Adornado 26
Soriano 25
Co 20
Pages 11
Carvajal 9
Franco 6
Afable 4
Pecache 2
Reynoso 0

Komatsu 89
Reynoso C. 25
Jaworski 23
Camus 14
Segura 12
Reynoso A. 11
Rodriguez 2
Canamo 2
Acuna 0

Halftime: 40-45

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