Friday, July 2, 1976

Cezar banned three games (July 2, 1976)

Philip Cezar was suspended for the first three games of the best-of-five series for the 1976 PBA All-Filipino title for punching Ramon Fernandez in the Crispa-Toyota semifinal game.

Cezar gets 3-game ban, P500-fine

Bulletin Today
Published Saturday July 3, 1976

Crispa ace center Philip Cezar was suspended for three playing days and fined P500 yesterday as the Philippine Basketball Association, acting in consultation with the Games and Amusements Board, acted swiftly on the punching incident involving Cezar and Comet Ramon Fernandez during the other night’s Crispa-Toyota game.

The PBA, through commissioner Leo Prieto, meted out the punishment after watching the video tape of the game and hearing the sides of the two players who confronted each other at the commissioner’s office.

Also present were representatives from the GAB.

The suspension means Cezar will not be able to play for his team in the first three games of the best-of-five series for the All-Filipino PBA championship which begins tomorrow.
This places Toyota on an even level and probably with a slight edge over the team that was predicted to run away with the title.

The quick decision was arrived at due to the proximity of the coming title series and the significance of the games. A prolonged investigation would only cause tension both sides, particularly Crispa, according to Prieto.

Cezar, who previous to this was slapped a 4 1/2-month suspension ironically for hitting Fernandez also during the All-Philippine Championship won by Crispa, was meted out a lighter punishment owing to what the Crispa center said was Fernandez’s provocative acts earlier.

Prieto said the TV review borne out Cezar’s contentio and the commissioner added that there indeed were attempts by Fernandez to trip Cezar though all were unsuccessful.

No fine was imposed on Fernandez for these attempts.

The incident happened when Crispa was bringing the ball down, some 90 seconds left, and Toyota ahead at 102-95.

Cezar, left behind during the throw in stalked Fernandez and when he overtook him at midcourt, let go off a swing that hit Fernandez in the mouth causing him to topple to the floor.

Toyota went on to win the game, 103-101.

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