Thursday, July 1, 1976

Game 25: Toyota 103, Crispa 101 (July 1, 1976)

Philip Cezar’s ejection for punching Ramon Fernandez marred Toyota’s win over Crispa in the final semifinal round game before their best-of-five showdown for the championship of the 1976 PBA All-Filipino Conference.

Toyota five nips Crispa, 103-101

By Ding Marcelo
Bulletin Today
Published Friday July 2, 1976

Toyota pulled Crispa down to earth last night, winning 103-101, but more importantly, the Comets may have gotten ahead of the favored Redmanizers in the betting odds after Crispa’s premier center Philip Cezar was ejected for throwing a punch at Ramon Fernandez.

Cezar, who drew a four-month suspension also for hitting Fernandez during the All-Philippine Championship, faces a possible three-game suspension and a fine of not less than P500 should he be proven guilty.

Philippine Basketball Association Commissioner Leo Prieto will review the video tape of the incident this afternoon and then possibly call the persons involved to a confrontation before he metes out punishment.

The offense, committed on the eve of the best-of-five series for the All-Filipino PBA championship, puts Crispa’s title bid in precarious shape as a Cezar suspension eliminates whatever edge Crispa may have nurtured in the slot.

Cezar’s act appeared to be an over-reaction over a minor physical upmanship Fernandez inflicted on him during a loose ball struggle in the Toyota front court, just over 90 seconds left of the game and the Comets way well ahead, 102-95.

As the two teams glided downcourt for the Crispa offense, Cezar overtook Fernandez at midcourt, swung at the Comet center with his back behind Fernandez, hitting him in the mouth that toppled Fernandez to the floor.

Referee Bernos called a technical foul on Cezar but Jess Obias, the other referee, threw Cezar out of the game.

It could not be determined why Obias decided to throw Cezar out when Bernos merely called a technical.

This argument will be insisted by Crispa coach Baby Dalupan when the PBA starts its inquiry today.

No matter what the decision the PBA may come-out with, Crispa definitely played into the hands in this game that has no bearing except a little prestige.

The real and important matches begin Sunday when the two teams collide in the first game of the series at 6:45 p.m.

Noritake and Quasar meet each other for third place in their own series slated at 5 p.m.

Noritake made it also two-in-a-row over Quasar, 120-115, in a game that saw the Porcelain Makers trail for three-fourths of the way.

Toyota, which also trailed most of the way, took the upper hand for the second time in the match during the first two minutes of the fnal quarter when the Comets outgunned their arch-rivals, 12-6, to go ahead 85-88 from a third quarter deficit of 77-79.

After Jaworski increased it to 90-85, Bernard Fabiosa and Alberto Guidaben narrowed it down to one, 89-90.

That proved to be Crispa’s final gasp. Another 12-4 explosion, five of them by Fernandez, placed the game beyond recall, 102-93.

Crispa whittled it down to what it was the end and had an opportunity to tie the count but time ran out before Alberto Hubalde could make an attempt on Fortunato Co’s desperate baseball pass.

William Adornado shot a game-high 31 points while Rodolfo Segura had 24 for the Comets and Jaworski added 22 points.

The individual scores:

Toyota - 103
Segura 24
Jaworski 22
Clarino 12
Fernandez 12
Arnaiz 11
Bauzon 8
Cortez 6
Acuna 6
Rojas 2

Crispa - 101
Adornado 31
Czar 16
Fabiosa 14
Co 11
Guidaben 10
Franco 6
Hubalde 6
Varela 5
Soriano 2
Calilan 0
Pages 0

Toyota  20  33  24  26  -  103
Crispa  28  30  21  22  -  101

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