Thursday, November 27, 1975

Costly forfeiture for Crispa

Crispa was fined a total of P82,000 for forfeiting the fourth game of the 1975 PBA Second Conference finals against Toyota. The Redmanizers opted not to play over the selection of referees during the championship series.

Crispa fined P82,000

By Artemio Engracia Jr.
Philippines Daily Express
Published Friday November 28, 1975

CRISPA WAS fined a total of P82,000 for forfeiting the fourth game of the Philippine Basketball Association’s second conference championship series against Toyota, it was learned yesterday from sources close to PBA commissioner Leo Prieto.

The fine, which was P32,000 more than the original amount set by the commissioner and approved by the PBA board of governors, included the amount lost by television and the two other teams playing in the series.

A total of P20,000 will go to television while P6,000 each will be awarded to Noritake and Tru-Orange, the two teams which were playing for the third and fourth places in the conference.

Crispa owner Danny Floro was informed of the fine yesterday afternoon and was expected to appeal the commissioner’s decision in a PBA board of governors’ meeting last night.
THE SAME sources said that Crispa coach Baby Dalupan, who was suspended for one game for conduct unbecoming a coach, had already served out his suspension since it covered the forfeited game last Thursday.

Crispa, ired by what it called faulty officiating by the referees in the third game of the best-of-five title series, decided to default Thursday’s game after Prieto turned down its request that all six PBA referees be included in the pool for the championship series.

As a result of the forfeiture, Toyota, which led the series 2-1, was declared second conference champion and Crispa was fined P50,000 to be given to Toyota for the loss of income in the fourth game.

The fine was later re-computed to cover the loss of income from television and live gate.
LAST NIGHT’S meeting of the board of governors was to discuss the pairings of the third conference called the “Challenge to Champions,” scheduled to start Sunday, but it might also take up Crispa’s appeal, if Floro decides to make one.

If Crispa refuses to pay the fine, PBA commissioner Prieto has three courses of action to take - 1) withhold all revenues due Crispa to the next conference, 2) suspend the club, and 3) expel the team from the PBA.

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