Tuesday, November 18, 1975

Punches and suspensions (1975 PBA Second Conference finals)

A preview of Game 2 of the 1975 PBA Second Conference finals by the Daily Express described the aftermath of Toyota’s riot-marred victory in the series opener.

Crispa tries to settle score vs. Toyota today

The Philippine Daily Express
Published Tuesday November 18, 1975

Robert Jaworski of Toyota and Rodolfo Soriano are doubtful starters as the Comets and the Redmanizers resume today their explosive best-of-five series for the Philippine Basketball Association’s second conference championship at the Araneta Coliseum.

With Ramon Fernandez out of the series with a broken nose suffered in their first game last Sunday which Toyota won, 98-96, the Comets go into the 7:45 p.m. contest with the Redmanizers slight underdogs anew.

Both Jaworski and Soriano were ejected for throwing punches in that game and the technical committee of the PBA was meeting late last night whether to suspend the two for today’s game in addition to the stiff fines normally imposed for such actions.

Jaworski’s absence would compound Toyota’s dilemma since he and Fernandez are vital cogs in the crack starting five of the Comets, who also won the first conference championship over the then all-Filipino Crispa squad.
ROYAL TRU-ORANGE also seeks win No.2 against Noritake at 6 p.m. in another best-of-five for third place, inspired by its 125-122 victory earlier Sunday.

The plan to ban Jaworski and Soriano for one game was one of several steps the PBA mulled yesterday to restore order in the games and prevent a repetition of the riot among bipartisan fans.

One of the measures being discussed was assigning fans of both teams in separate sections. Another move was for reinforcing the security at the Coliseum.
COACH DANTE Silverio earlier asked league officials to postpone the title series after today’s game, until Fernandez, who was treated at the Makati Medical Center, shall have recovered from the injury, adding that Fernandez’s nose was broken intentionally, not accidentally.

Fernandez earlier prevailed upon his lawyers not to file charges of serious physical injury against Soriano in an exemplary show of sportsmanship and instead appealed to all players to observe the rules of fair play “since basketball is our only source of livelihood.”

PBA sources said Soriano may be fined P1,000 for punching Fernandez early in the last quarter, while Jaworski may be penalized P500 for punching Soriano in retaliation for his teammate.

Minutes after Jaworski and Soriano were thrown out, fans behind the Crispa bench rioted after a coin-throwing incident. It took some 10 minutes before order was restored. Toyota’s Stan Cherry earlier chased Soriano with a punch in the third quarter after the Crispa forward had driven with his elbows flying.

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