Saturday, November 22, 1975

A case of misunderstanding (1975 PBA Second Conference Finals)

Crispa team manager Danny Floro said the decision to award Toyota the 1975 PBA Second Conference title by forfeiture was caused by misunderstanding between him and the league’s board of governors, even as Toyota coach Dante Silverio expressed confidence of his team winning the series had Game 4 went on as scheduled.

‘Twas a case of misunderstanding, says Danny Floro

Philippines Daily Express
Published Sunday, November 23, 1975

CRISPA was set to request the Philippine Basketball Association to postpone for Sunday its scheduled fourth game against Toyota, but the PBA learned this too late as signals got crossed between the PBA board of governors and Crispa manager Danny Floro last Friday.

This was the explanation of Floro yesterday even as he announced that the Redmanizers will definitely play in the third conference scheduled Nov. 30-Dec. 18 under prevailing rules and regulations to scotch reports that his team was pulling out of the association.

“It was a case of misunderstanding between the PBA and myself and I just want to set the record straight,” Floro said, adding that he was abiding by the decision of the PBA to declare Toyota second conference champion for winning the fourth game by forfeiture.

Recounting what happened during the meeting, Floro, in a press statement said:
“THE PBA board gave me until 5 p.m. to announce my final decision. However, when I learned that coach Baby Dalupan had been suspended for one game, I made a remark to the effect that ‘the more we will not play.’”

“This remark was misconstrued by the board as our final decision, disregarding an earlier decision it had set for me to consult my group before I give our final decision.”

“I was thinking that the option was still there so I hurried back to our office, and, after consulting management, we finally decided to request that the fourth game be played on Sunday to allow a cooling off period of feelings for both teams.

At exactly 5 o’ clock, I called up the PBA office and was informed by the PBA legal counsel, Rodrigo Salud, that the board had already decided and Toyota had been declared champion.”
FLORO said he had known that he no longer had the option to consult his group before giving his decision, he would not have called up the PBA.

“Perhaps the board based its decision on my remark made in utter shock upon learning of Dalupan’s suspension,” said Floro.

Floro also said that he made his request to pick the referees for the championship series from the original six-man pool three days before the series and he repeated it in a formal letter after Crispa lost the first game.

“I made a request not only because we thought the so-called top three referees in the title series were biased. We also thought that the officials would be better prepared, mentally and physically, for every game if the referees were given sufficient rest,” he said.

“Under the present set-up, the referees work almost every game. But if you have six to choose from, chances are the officials picked would be fresh and alert,” he added.

‘I’m happy for my team’ - Silverio

Philippines Daily Express
Published Sunday November 23, 1975

“I FEEL happy for my team,” a proud Dante Silverio said yesterday, barely 18 hours after his Toyota Comets had been declared by the PBA as second conference champions.

“But it was unfortunate that the other team had to react that way,” the 37-year-old coach said, referring to Crispa’s forfeiture of game No. 4 that gave the Comets a decisive 3-1 title series victory and their second championship in as many stagings of the PBA tournaments.

Crispa forfeited game No. 4, wich was to have been played yesterday, when the PBA board of governors upheld Commissioner Leo Prieto’s decision denying Crispa’s request to change the manner of selecting the referees in the championship series.

“We were ready for the fourth game,” Silverio said. “The boys were very determined. Their morale was high and I was optimistic we could have also won the fourth game.”

SILVERIO commended an injured Ramon Fernandez, who he said voluntarily offered to play in the third game despite a newly operated on nose.

“That’s what you call determination and loyalty rolled into one,” the Comet coach said.

“Everybody followed instructions to the hilt. There were more togetherness. Their mobility was unassailable. They were there where the ball was,” he added.

Silverio said he will try for a triple crown when the third conference, to be known as the Challenge to Champions, starts Nov. 30.

“We’re ready for it,” he said.

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